48 Hour Film Project Participation
As the name implies in this competition you have to make a film from beginning - the screenplay, to the end - the delivery of the film, in 48 hours.

First you draw a genre out of the hat containing about 20 genres.   The all the teams from the city are given three elements which must appear in all films; A Character name, A prop and A line of dialogue.

It's a great exercise, scary as it is and is highly recommended to filmmakers all around the world - and it is a worldwide competition!

2014​​ - Enter The Flower

The genre that we drew out of the hat was, Fish Out Of Water.

Character name: Jim Fonville, accountant.
Prop: Chapstick.
Line of dialogue: Try this, it's very relaxing.

Video coming soon...

2016 - Mrs. Marigold

The genre was Action Adventure/Period Piece - and we decided to do them both!

Character name: Sara Dunglestreet, Debt Collector.
Prop: Headphones.
Line of dialogue: I've never seen that before.

And here's the film we made!